What Crying Does – Lighter Heart or Heavier Head

Vividly remember Gurudev’s laughter when he uttered these words, “कौन कहता है कि रोने से मन हल्का होता है? मन हल्का हो न हो, सिर अवश्य दुखता है.” It translates as, “After a bout of crying, your heart may or not become lighter, but your head will definitely feel heavier.”

Life Quote by Praveen Rishi

There is a scientific explanation to this: A headache after crying is a common after-effect. When you cry, you lose water from the body and this leads to dehydration which in turn leads to a headache.

About Gurudev Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi

Gurudev is a Jain monk whose discourses are very powerful because of his simple, yet profound messages which make fantastic triggers. Those who attend his discourses truly benefit from his words. His rich understanding of human nature is reflected in the way he speaks – with humour and seriousness intermingled beautifully. The Ashtamangal Meditation has been evolved with Gurudev for bringing joy into all aspects of life – material and spiritual.

Photo Courtesy: Srivatsa Shandilya

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