Stop the Losses – Protect the Vehicle of Life

You may fill air into a tube, but if you cannot protect it from getting punctured, then how will it hold the air? This is a translation of Gurudev’s powerful words, “आप हासिल तो बहुत कुछ कर ही लेते हैं, मगर जो भी पाते हैं, उसे खोते चले गए, तो क्या फायदा? ज़रा सोचिए – आप ट्यूब में कितनी भी हवा भरें, मगर अगर पंक्चर से नहीं बचा पाए, तो हवा कैसे टिकेगी?”
Life Quote on Loss- Praveen Rishi

This is one of Gurudev’s favourite examples. It also clearly illustrates the point. How to stop the losses, the leakages, and how to preserve and store. In another discourse, he spoke of the journey of life as a beautiful bicycle ride. He said that just as we need to protect the bicycle from puncture, we need to protect the losses. This is possible by meditating on the Kalash, the symbol of storage, and one of the sacred symbols of the Ashtamangal. Read the post “Journey of Life – Learn to Preserve with Kalash Mangal“. As he aptly stated, “Stop the losses. Protect the vehicle of life.”

Photo Courtesy: Srivatsa Shandilya

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