Nandavart – Sacred Symbol of Abundance in Ashtamangal Meditation

क्या आप जानते है कि आप अपने जीवन में आनंद का चक्र शुरु कर सकते हैं? इसे सम्भव करने के लिए नंदावर्त की साधना कीजिए. नंदावर्त आनंद का चक्र है. यह अष्टमंगल में चतुर्थ मंगल है.

Nandavart - Sacred Symbol
Do you, like many others, believe that while there is no guarantee of enduring happiness, there is a guarantee of pervading sorrow? You think of life as a giant wheel of problems where the next sorrow begins before the previous one has ended. But the same is not true of happiness. You believe that if you have found happiness in this moment, you are likely to find sorrow in the next. Imagine you could change this and start a cycle of joy in your life. This is possible with Nandavart meditation.

The Nandavart, a beautiful and complex symbol with nine corners in each direction, ushers abundance into our lives, thus allowing joy to pervade. It is the fourth among the eight sacred symbols of the Ashtamangal and represents the circle of joy and abundance.

As Gurudev says, become aware that you carry within yourself the capacity to multiply joy.

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