Mahavira Jayanti – Transforming Fear into Love with Srivatsa Mangal

On the eve of MAHAVIRA JAYANTI, Gurudev Praveen Rishi’s magical words echo in the mind, “It is the transformational power of the SRIVATSA, embedded on the chest of the Tirthankaras, which allowed the snake and the mangoose to sit together peacefully in Mahavira’s assembly.”

Mahavira Jayanti

Lord Mahavira is universally known as the embodiment of ahimsa, or non-violence. In his serene presence, the great cobra, Chandakaushik, found peace and left his venomous nature forever. Mahavira’s life is the perfect example of how love can conquer fear, and non-violence can defeat violence. He was the twenty-fourth Tirthankara of Jaina religion. ‘Tirthankara’ means one who establishes the ‘tirtha’ or ford. Thus the Tirthankaras are ones who establish societal and religious norms and guidelines.

The present religious system of the Jains has been systematized by Mahavira. What made him a great spiritual leader was his inner compassion. It is said that Mahavira was so full of love and compassion that everyone in his vicinity experienced the same. Cruel hearts became transformed. Negative energy transformed into positive resolves.

Each of us can activate this transformational power within us. All it requires is the right life path and inner discipline. One powerful way of awakening this power is by meditating on the Srivatsa, the second of the eight sacred symbols which make up the Ashtamangal. The Srivatsa has the power to transform negativity into positivity and animosity into affection. This magnificent symbol is a mark on the chest of the Tirthankaras right from their birth. It radiates like an illuminating star, endowing them with the power to bring about great transformations. It is also an indication of their exalted status.


“यह श्रीवत्स की परिवर्तन शक्ति है जिसकी वजह से महावीर की धर्मसभा में सर्प एवं नेवले एक साथ शांतिपूर्वक बैठते थे,” उपाध्याय प्रवीण ऋषि के यह प्रभावशाली शब्द अष्टमंगल ध्यान साधना के शिविर में उपस्थित साधकों को मंत्रमुग्ध कर गए. प्रभु महावीर एवं अन्य तीर्थंकरों के वक्षस्थल पर श्रीवत्स अंकित है. यह उनके तीर्थंकरत्व की पहचान है एवं परिवर्तन का प्रतीक है. यह वैरभाव को प्रेम में परिवर्तित करने की शक्ति रखता है.

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