Journey of Life – Learn to Preserve with Kalash Mangal

The journey of life is like riding a bicycle. You put in efforts to maintain it well, clean it, polish it, oil it and fill the tube with air. This is your ‘purushartha’, meaning endeavour.

Life Quote on Journey
What next? As you ride the bicycle in a path laden with greenery and flowers, can you simply let go and enjoy the scenic beauty and the fragrances? No, you have to remain vigilant.

You have to be cautious of sharp pebbles and thorns. A slight invigilance on your part may cause a puncture, thus letting out the air from the tube. Your efforts are then wasted. The journey is lost. To store the air in the tube of life and not allow it to be lost, meditate on the Kalash, one of the eight sacred symbols of Ashtamangal. As Gurudev says, “For a beautiful journey of life, learn to preserve with Kalash Mangal.”

The Kalash Mangal has the power to store and preserve. By meditating on the Kalash, you can learn to preserve whatever you have accomplished, thus maximizing your gain.

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