Food Poisoning & Mind Poisoning – Profound Reflection

We pay attention to the food we eat, how it is cooked, how it is stored, who cooked it and whether the ingredients are fresh and healthy. We are aware that if we are careless about these things, we may become prone to food poisoning.

But do we pay attention to the thoughts that go through our mind? Do we take precautions against contaminating our inner self with negative thoughts which give rise to anger, pride, greed and jealousy?

In this regard, Gurudev asks a pertinent question, “When you are so careful about food poisoning, then why are you so careless about mind poisoning?”

Life Quote on Food & Mind

About Gurudev Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi

Gurudev is a Jain monk whose discourses are very powerful because of his simple, yet profound reflections. His rich understanding of human nature is reflected in the way he speaks – with humour and seriousness intermingled beautifully. He is a great meditator and has evolved many meditation techniques, one of which is the Ashtamangal Meditation, a holistic meditation for bringing joy into all aspects of life – material and spiritual.

Photo Courtesy: Srivatsa Shandilya

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