Eight – Powerful Numeral – Power of Ashtamangal

The power of the Ashtamangal Meditation also comes from the notion of Ashta or Eight. This powerful number, which also represents the infinity symbol in English, has popular references in many cultures:

Ashta-Matrika are the 8 divine mothers.
Ashta-Dikpala are rulers of the 8 directions.
Ashta-Lakshmi are forms of the goddess of wealth.
Ashta-Nayika are the 8 heroines in Natya Shastra.
Ashtanga is the 8-fold path in Yoga.
Ashta-Mangal refers to 8 auspicious objects.

Meditating on Eight Power

इस जगत में कई शुभ एवं प्रभावशाली वस्तुएँ अष्ट / आठ की संख्या में हैं, जैसे – अष्टमातृका, अष्टदिकपालक, अष्टलक्ष्मी, अष्टनायिका, अष्टांग-योग एवं अष्टमंगल. यह संख्या अष्टमंगल ध्यान साधना की प्रभावशाली ओजस्विता का एक और कारण है.

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