Ashtamangal Meditation Camp in August 2015

“Experienced a sense of relaxation like never before” was the echoing response of participants in the recent meditation camp held in Chennai. Ashtamangal Meditation is a simple and powerful meditation technique by Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi that employs five coloured cards with sacred symbols. Meditation on these cards increases positivity and removes negativity in the various facets of life.
Praveen Rishi's Meditation

The camp was held from Aug 20-22, 2015 at the spacious AMKM hall in Chennai. 16 women, 5 men and 10 children enrolled for the camp. Some of the participants had already attended a previous camp and had enrolled to further their sadhana.

Antriksh Tatia and Vasant Bhai are experienced meditators who handled the men’s session in the evening. The children’s and women’s session in the afternoons were handled by Kirtida Shah, our senior Ashtamangal teacher along with Nirmala Jamad, Premlata, Sunita Ostwal, Sangeetha and Indra. Chandrakala Jain and Dipti pitched in whenever necessary.

We are happy to share the feedback we received from the participants:

Meditation classesSnigdha.S: “The Ashtamangal cards help me relax my mind. I do the entire set 3 times a day. While doing the cards, my mind is free of all other thoughts because I’m focussing on the cards. Every week the symbols become clearer. For some cards, the color that I see has changed from what I used to see a while ago. Whenever I do the blue card, I notice that I’m able to plan my day and work better. I’ve seen positive results in a really short period of time.”

Anitha Lodha: “The very first day at the meditation camp was really good, but when I went home and practiced, I was not able to see the images with my closed eyes. I felt a bit tense about that. The next day I spoke to my teacher about this. She asked me to say “Michami Dukkadam” to my Guru and to Tirthankaras. I did that and I was able to see the ashtamangal swastik by meditating on the white card. I really loved that experience.”

Meditation campVidhya: “Ashtamangal Meditation is a really nice technique. This meditation first focuses on looking at the two symbols – Srivatsa and Swastik – on five coloured cards. She explained that these five colours focus on improvising five facets of our life. The Swastik is a symbol which helps in living a balanced life and Srivatsa helps in moving towards positive attitude by removing the negative. What deserves a special mention is how refreshed I feel after doing this meditation for a few minutes. There is a change in the overall mental frame. I really felt positive vibes after doing this meditation. It is a true gift. I am thankful to Kirtida Maam for enlightening me with this simple and powerful meditation.”

Shilpa Choudhary: “मेरा पाँव तीन दिन से दर्द कर रहा था. दवा लगाने से, डोरा बाँधने से भी ठीक नहीं हो रहा था. अष्टमँगल साधना से मेरे पाँव का दर्द एकदम ठीक हो गया. असल में पहले दिन ही सफेद कार्ड के ध्यान से मेरा दर्द गायब हो गया था.”

Ashtamangal Meditation Classes

Children Meditation Classes

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