About us, we are a group of meditators devoted to Ashtamangal Meditation. This Dhyaan Sadhana with eight spiritual objects, known as mangals, is a simple and serene exercise which can transform your negativity into positivity, failure into success, and success into super success. With a simple and interesting meditation on sacred objects, such as the Swastik, you can magnify and multiply the positive energy within you.

ashtamangal meditators

The ancient texts reveal that there are certain objects that bring good luck. The form of these spiritual objects lends a divine and positive energy to them. You can use them to solve your problems and direct your life and thoughts towards prosperity and peace.

Developed by Upadhyaya Praveen Rishi, an inspiring and benevolent Jain monk, the Ashtamangal Meditation is now spreading far and wide. Hundreds and thousands of men and women have found the pathway to joy with this Dhyaan Sadhana.

The Ashtamangal Team welcomes all of you to join hands in their endevaour to make this world a truly beautiful space.

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